Release date for World Map

Hello everyone,

as we had announced previously, the coming update will be a big one that will be changing a lot about how you interact with city`s. We will be putting all the city`s on a single `world map`, and adding city task`s and a few other features. (missed last announcement? here is a link for our previous news post).

We`ve implemented a few ideas from discussions with players, so many thanks for all your ideas! We are all making this game better.

We`re almost ready to implement the update, so I wanted to announce ahead of time that the update will be on August 14th. We will be turning off the game for this update and it could take up to an hour to complete. We will publish further details a few days before we start the update.

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  1. بكر ابو مخ says:

    the best game ever

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  2. André Luis says:


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