Fullscreen and small features

Hello everyone,

today we are updating the game with a few small features in preparation for next week where we will release another update that will add "City Demand" features.

Today we are adding:

1. Fullscreen - We have finally added this often requested feature and we are happy with how it currently functions. You can find the fullscreen icon in top right corner to play the game in Fullscreen mode.

2. Building names on map - For players with lots of building names on the screen it had a tendency to slow down the game. We've optimized the display process and now this should no longer slow the game down.
Building names on map

3. Intercity bus bonus - Buses that are transporting people from one city to another now have a +10% income bonus.
Intercity bus bonus

4. My selling items - We've added an option to select items that the player is currently selling on the item market.
My selling items

5. Sales warning message - Many players have complained about shops that are not selling products, 95% of those cases were caused by not having enough products in the warehouse by production not being able to keep up with the shops. All the shops selling the same products sold everything in the warehouse and nothing was left for the last few problematic shop. Players will now be informed about this and that the solution is to produce more products.
Sales warning message

6. Items market price - We Fixed the minimal selling price from 1 to 2 coins. This Fixes the issue of allowing an Item to be sold at for 1 coin resulting in the seller having no profit from the sale because of the 1 coin fee.
Items market price

Coming up next week we will be updating the game with "City Demand" features.

Have a nice day,

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  1. Mühamëd OthMañ says:

    The full screen option is just wonderful

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