City demand + 2 other features

Hello everyone,

today we updated game and we added these new features:

1. City demand feature - from now every city has a certain demand for products, based on the weather of the city.

a) City profile
- city product demand will show you products with highest demand known. Each day there will be 4 products shown as default, demand for any other product can be explored by clicking on the More products button. City demand will result in more pcs of that product sold in your shops (example: if Bread has a demand of 20%, it means that your shops will sell 20% more pcs of Bread for same price)

City demand

b) City demand product list
- you can explore a single product, or ask Uncle John to help to get demand for all products in the city, the higher the demand the more pieces your shops will sell

City demand

c) Spying
- you can also use your spies to gather additional information, that will help you decide which city is best for your plans. Each spy action has a chance of success, you can raise the chance by leveling up your spy department

City demand

d) Spy reports
- reports will hold the details and information that your spies gathered the reports expire after 30 days

City demand

2. Mass set products for sale in shops - this feature allow players to set sold product in all shops in one click. You can find this tool in your building list.

City demand

City demand

3. Hungarian language - we added to game Hungarian game translation. Many thanks to players Spartan and Arpi.

Have a nice day,

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  1. Run Toro says:

    nice updates
    but why for prem only

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