Economy changes + 3 free energy drinks

Greetings everyone!

as we start February I hope you're all well and still keeping with your New Years resolutions, if not... well, there's always next year right? :)

--- Optimizations ---
Last week we optimized some important game calculations so the game speed was increased and there should be less lag related issues in the game now. There's still some more calculations that can be optimized so we'll continue working on this as we move forward.

--- Economy changes ---
In the coming update we will be releasing the economy changes that we've been working on for a long time now and have also mentioned a long time ago (trains are still coming but not yet, we're close). We have discussed a lot about these changes among ourselves and with the players, so we hope these changes will be a positive experience for the game and community. These changes are required to bring better balance to the game and are our first step to curb the inflation and bring the economy back into the region of where we want it to be.

Another change that's long over due is the removal of Caviar being produced from Small Farms. This error was fixed a long time ago but we didnt remove the ability for the already existing farms (at that time) to keep producing Caviar. When the Economy Update is Live, the ability for these Small Farms to produce Caviar will be stopped and they will no longer be Active. We highly suggest to plan for and prepare for this change if you use any of these Small Farms.

The most notable changes that will come with the update are as follows:
1. Product quality's will have greater influence on prices and will be raised from 1% to 2% for every quality level.
2. Marketing bonus values will be lowered and Marketing bonus max is lowered to 100%. Everything else adds proportionally, so it starts from 5% and with each higher marketing campaign there will be a 2% gain.
3. Building construction costs and their income were re-balanced, Offices and Apartments are now more evenly spaced for costs and income, this should help make some buildings more viable again.
4. A new premium Apartment building will be added, This building will cost Coins to build.
5. Building expenses were always disabled (although shown) but will now become activated. These expenses will be detailed in a separate tab called "Operating Costs" within each building.
6. Luxury cars material needs were changed: 1 leather & 1 GPS were added as required items to build them.
7. We will add all income and expenses to the company Finance tab.
8. Management skill will give 1% bonus for every 4th levels and has a limit set to lvl-320.
9. Sales bonus will be better displayed in shop windows
10. Diamonds and necklaces will be removed from the list of products and removed from any production building that is making them.

--- Gift ---
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--- Next plans ---
In next news we will bring information about planning game updates.

Have a nice day,
+3 free energy drinks

5 messages to Economy changes + 3 free energy drinks

  1. Sushil Rathi says:

    Marketing bonus should not be lowered.

  2. ceo says:

    new premium buildings should not cost coin. It is only good for some players. and management as may give high value and high energy consumption but not the coins. I personaly no intention to build premium building for these circumstances

  3. ceo says:

    you must find a solution to chat. Some players use some wording totally not acceptable,and tickets for these remain unanswered and not solved.This is not related to economic change but still existing problem

  4. ceo says:

    1.activation of building expenses are good since some peoples are building lots of them for some income and covered big areas. There must be a limit for it
    2.Set product sold button is not functioning and it is not resolved for this improvement despite it is promised
    3.ı disagree for marketing bonus reduction. I dont understand the reason of it.

  5. Franklin Elias Rojas says:

    como retiro las carreteras de la ciudad

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