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Hi everyone,

today's the day! The day we finally implement the long awaited Economic Update.

We've analyzed and consulted with players about the impact the inflation had caused these last months as it grew and grew to insane proportions. The staff and players that we've consulted with all agreed in one way or another that the money does not have the value that it should have anymore. This also comes from numerous feedback tickets in our support system. We tried to be careful to not disrupt the feel of the game too much, but it was obvious that drastic changes were required in how people earned money and the lacking of money sinks to help reduce all that idle money from piling up.

We avoided making changes to most energy requirements as that can be a sensitive area for people especially those who spent coins to acquire more energy. We did however lower the selling price in shops and heavily reduce the Marketing campaign's bonus as we mentioned numerous times in chat in the past. So hopefully this doesn't come to a shock for most, this update isnt all bad changes though, we've increased the amount of pc sold in shops and doubled the influence that quality has for products.

Please be aware that your income will not be the same, you will likely be making a noticeably reduced amount of money now, this will be for everyone, not just you. We hope that everybody will understand the long term benefits of these economy changes and how they were needed to safe guard the games economy and long term playability of the game. We are always listening to feedback and consider all ideas that are given to us, big or small. So if you have issues with some of the changes or have ideas on how to improve the economy and the changes presented here, we're always listening. We can't guarantee we will be able to put everyones suggestions into the game but we will consider each one and look into their possibilities.

So, without further ado, we bring you the patch notes for the economy update:

1. Product quality has now greater influence on prices and was raised from 1% to 2% for every quality level. Because of the drastic change this will cause to a players shop prices, we'll be setting Everyones shops at recommended prices so that those not online wouldn't suffer huge losses.
2. Marketing bonus values were lowered, Marketing bonus max is now 100% from 500%. Marketing Campaigns now add proportionally, so it starts from 5% and with each higher marketing campaign there will be a 2% gain.
3. All Building construction costs and their incomes were re-balanced, Offices and Apartments are now more evenly spaced for costs and income, this should help make some buildings more viable again.
4. The new voted on premium Apartment building is added into the game. This building will costs coins to build, It will be called "Luxury Apartment".
5. Building Market buy offers - we added possibility to put building requests on market and other players having that building can sell building to you.
6. Building expenses were always disabled (although shown) but will now become activated. These expenses will be detailed in a separate tab called "Operating Costs" within each building.
7. Luxury cars material needs were changed: 1 leather & 1 GPS were added as required items to build them.
8. We added all income and expenses to the company Finance tab.
9. Management skill will give a 1% bonus for every 4th level upto lvl-320, This skill will reduce the Employee expenses while your Finance Department will reduce Building expenses.
10. Sales bonus will be better displayed in shop windows
11. Diamonds and necklaces will be removed from the list of products and removed from any production building that is making them.
12. We added a "like" icon to chat
13. We fixed a problem with not showing all buildings on a map after the map was moved with mouse
14. We optimized Rent income and market share calculations (that means less lags on server).

Have a nice day,

2 messages to Economy update

  1. Fishyman says:

    Safes also been updated with new items

  2. Fishyman says:

    2 issues currently been working on as shown in change log are shops over-selling and population drop in cities

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