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Hi everyone,

So, as some of you may have noticed, our big Economic Update had a few bumps as most games do on large updates. We've fixed various small issues the first 2 days and are now putting in a new Update to fix and change a few important larger parts of the game that didn't quite meet our expectations or didn't perform the way we anticipated.

1. New shop parameters:

Many players had ideas on how we could tune the new prices and shop mechanics to lower the increased sales amount in shops (the overselling even with high prices above recommended).
We really hope the changes that we've chosen to make for shops will fix this issue and not require us to tweak it more in the future. We didn't want to change too much with any drastic changes but these changes below are what made sense to make for us.

We have split all bonuses in shop into three categories:
a) Price (Quality and location index) - these parameters have a direct influence on recommended sales price
b) Income (Marketing, Employees, Motivation and Premium package) - these are parameters that are dynamically changing. Before the update, when a player changed employee's in a building or motivated employees or bought Premium package, they had to go and change the prices in shops manually for each one. With this change, It is no longer necessary because all these parameters now influence directly on income, so players don't need to change sales prices in shops.
c) Pcs sold (Brand popularity, Shop popularity, Marketing department and Shop type) - these parameters have influence on pcs sold.

Shop detail

Due to the effects of our changes, We've changed all shops prices to recommended again so shops will continue to sell products.

2. We lowered money requirements for leveling up buildings.

With lowering income from shops we've decided to lower the money required to level up buildings by 33% for each level.

3. Actual auction price is shown in the Building market/Offers section of "My buildings on auction"

In this window players can see the actual price from an auction and they do not have to go to the auction page and try to find buildings to check their current highest bid.

Shop detail

4. `Balkans` tab in chat

We've added a `Balkans` tab to the games chat language rooms. You can add and remove language chat rooms by going to the "Display" tab from the "Settings" menu.

Hopefully these changes will help fix the issues that we've noticed and that some players have been reporting.

Have a nice day,

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