Building moving

Hello everyone,

we`ve updated the game again today and we`ve added a commonly asked feature by the players:

1. Building move feature - now everyone can move their buildings

Building moving

Moving a Building will cost energy, the energy fee for this move will be set to half of the building`s energy construction price but with a maximum limit of 300 energy, so it will be possible to move for example an Endless Mine for only 300 energy, where it`s Energy cost to build is 5,000.

The premium package give players discount 50%. So moving Endless mine will cost only 150 energy.

Building level is multiplying the energy fee. Building level 2 is the same as two buildings built, so the maximal energy fee for level 2 building is 300*2 = 600 without premium package, and 150*2=300 for premium users
So we hope you will enjoy this new feature and we want to give you free energy, so you can try the new feature.

Here are +3 free energy drinks. To get the gift, please click here (**Offer Valid until 2017/04/21**):

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Have a nice day,
+3 free energy drinks

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