Important information about the next update

Hello everyone,

we want to inform you about important changes in game before next update (next week):

1. New levels (upto 100) are being added to the game, there will also be a small adjustment to the experience requirements, which will mostly affect players at levels 46 and up. There will be a level recalculation based on the new values, our current highest experienced players are likely to reach levels 50-51.

Also, max energy cap will be adjusted accordingly with the new levels allow higher energy storage.

2. A new type of task called "Government Contracts" will become available. These will reward experience to help players advance to the higher levels and will help them deal with the higher XP requirements on the upper levels. These tasks were also designed to help grow a players company.

3. We`ve added a few new daily tasks as well for higher levels and current levels. Some of these tasks will be using some of the new products to help ensure a higher diversity.

4. 42 new products are being added! These are being added proportionally to each category (Basic, Advanced, Premium), so that a full set will be available. Most new products are evenly distributed and unlocked over the new higher levels.

Aqua farm

Oil wells will be able to produce 3 new product types now on top of Oil, This is to help balance them with Mines. Both types of mines are now being able to produce 4 different types of products each.

A new type of farm "Aqua farm" is being introduced. This new farm will be able to produce Water based products like Caviar, rice, Fish, etc.

*NOTE:* All Big farms producing Caviar will automatically be changed to this new type of farm, *Big farms will no longer be able to produce Caviar*. And for a limited time players will have the option (a button) to change a Big farm into an Aqua farm or vice-versa (this feature will most likely be available `till 1st of September 2017)

5. The warehouse has been redesigned slightly to allow all products and category`s to fit. We`ve also added a small menu to help in accessing some of the related windows like selling, buying and raising Quality.

6. *Stretch Goal:* Buyable employees, We`re hoping to finish this objective by the time this Update launches but it may get pushed back. We`re working on allowing players to be able to buy employees rather then wait for them to come at random. This will come in the form of a menu within the employment window and HR department

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Have a nice day,


9 messages to Important information about the next update

  1. Drake Erebus says:

    Good news on the game.

  2. mazi6622 says:

    When is that happen?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi, in start of the next week. We are almost ready, we are testing and tuning the numbers, so tasks / levels will be not too hard or too easy.

      Have a nice day,

    • Stefan Lavender says:

      please make fridges part of the task am got nerfed with this product

      please make fridges part of tasks I have been nurfed with this product

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        I will tell my colleagues to add some tasks for Fridges, but they will be not available for all levels.

        If you have lot of Fridges, you can sell them in Direct sale option in your warehouse.


  3. Chu Chu says:

    When will we have railway network, and how it may effect to cities overall?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Railway network is planned in way that players can construct railroad between cities. It will be possible to construct railroad in cities too, but there is not much space. We will add some special locations outside cities that can be used by trains. For example coal mines and with trains player will be able to transfer coal to coal power plant etc. It will be also possible to transfer passengers too.


  4. Dark-Ideas says:


    This update next week. But its been 4 weeks now since i had been drooling for this update...

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi, thank you for patience, it is really close. We are doing final testing. It looks it will be released in the start of the next week. So please wait few days. thanks

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