Next update + information about TRAINS

Hello everyone!

we`d like to share with you what we`re currently working on now for the next update to Investor City.

Our Next update will be a little smaller then the one we just finished, but we`re hoping it will be just as exciting with much requested features such as:
1. `Hirable` employees
2. High level daily tasks (the ones that may require a Big Factory or other Coin building) will now have a secondary choice

High level daily tasks

This secondary choice will have less rewards in it, however they will require products that are more easily made and do not require owning any premium buildings to complete.

3. Government task changes Government Tasks will now refresh after 3 weeks instead of only when fully completed. We made this change after reviewing player feedback and looking how we can make it more player friendly. We`ve also added the option to refresh it sooner using Coins, however you can`t Refresh the list more then once every 24 hours.

Govenrment task changes

Coming up, after this update, we have the Trains! Here`s a few things we`re ready to share about the upcoming Trains for inside and outside cities.

Trains update:

Trains - Our main goal in the trains game design was to allow players to play with trains and setup the game in a way that there is enough space for rails, here are some of our ideas about how we plan to do this.

a) Outside rails: We want to allow players to construct tracks, buy trains and to have fun playing with them. To do this, we came to the conclusion that it is not possible to allow all players the ability to construct rails on the `large world` map, there would simply be not enough space for everyone. One idea we had was to make trains very expensive to build and operate. This would help the map be filled in more slowly but only allowed the biggest players to enjoy them. We wanted to let all players play with and construct lots of rails and trains. So our other solution for this is something like instanced rails outside the cities, this means that outside the cities, a player will only see their own rails and trains.

Later we want to add on the map some special places like a coal mine and coal power plant. Players can then construct rails between these special places, but again, if we let all players construct rails on one big map only a few players can do that, because there will be no space for further rails around those locations. So our current plan is to make it that the player see only their own rails outside cities. This allows everyone to enjoy trains without the other issues attached.

b) Inside city rails: we plan to allow players to construct rails, tunnels (entrance to city subway) and subway stations within cities. We know in some cities there is no space for rails and stations inside, so we decided to go under ground a little bit and when a train enters the tunnel in a city, he can automatically go to all city subway stations.


We always try to listen to players feedback and requests. This doesn`t mean we will be able to add a feature or change something you don`t like, all the time, but we are always reading feedback and suggestions and taking them into consideration. So keep sending us your ideas, suggestions and concerns and help us make Investor City even better!

That`s it for now, Have a nice day.

8 messages to Next update + information about TRAINS

  1. Optimus Prime says:

    Solid changes that are indicative of pro-player changes.

  2. Stefan Lavender says:

    maybe fixed rails and add trains once built

    so you have the railway subway

    then build a train that takes ages then have good profit on it

  3. Stefan Lavender says:

    busses are hard enough to construct the stops and joining them if u build train on existing tracks I would be an option

    to much lag on the game window

  4. William Baldwin says:

    What size is the subway station? I would like 2x2 for easier placement.I think 3x3 would be too big for established cities.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      We do not have graphics ready, but planed size is 2x1. I do not expect that graphics will require more size, but it is not closed, so there is small chance that it will be bigger, but 3x3 for sure not.


  5. Iskandar says:

    Do a fixed rail road, around the outside of city and in middle of city then allow users to add tracks from the fixed one to their company, and another player can add an additional wing off the already existing track that were made by other players. This way every player could share the tracks.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Thanks for idea. Few other players contacted us with similar idea, we are considering this option too.


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