`Hirable` employees

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Summer is now over and we hope you all had a great time under the sun. As previously announced, we're now launching the next small update to the game. Below you will find the details of each addition as per the last announcement but with a little more explanation about Hirable employees this time.

1. "Hirable" employees
This is a highly requested feature that we're happy to finally bring to our players. The "Agency" tab is where you will now have the option to hire employees (you can access this new tab from employees tab).
The Agency will refresh with new employees every 2 days from when opening the tab. Each category will only have 2 employee's to choose from, however, players with a Premium account will have upto 3 in the Farmer, Miner, factory worker and Seller categories.

All candidates having their total bonus over 85% will cost coins.

You will still receive random employees when you spend energy just like before and you can still find them in the Employees tab.
We also adjusted the "Extend contract" option to 7 days to give it more value for the coins spent.
Adding to the adjustments on the contract extension, players will now have the option to rehire expired employees for upto 14 days from when the contract ended. All employees who have run out of time will now be available in the "Expired" tab and can be rehired for coins.

`Hirable` employees

2. High level daily tasks (the ones that may require a Big Factory or other Coin building) will now have a secondary choice

High level daily tasks

This secondary choice will have less rewards in it, however they will require products that are more easily made and do not require owning any premium buildings to complete.

3. Government task changes
Government Tasks will now refresh after 3 weeks instead of only when fully completed. We made this change after reviewing player feedback and looking how we can make it more player friendly. We've also added the option to refresh it sooner using Coins, however you cant Refresh the list more then once every 24 hours.

Government task changes

All of these changes are based off of the feedback we received via the Support system and Chat. We'd like to encourage players to continue sending us their thoughts and feedback on game mechanics and ways they think can make the game better. However please remember that you need to include details on how you think it can be improved or fixed. Messaging support saying "this is broken, fix it" will often not get as much attention.

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