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Hello Everyone!

As we've been mentioning lately, We're making a bigger effort in taking into consideration our players feedback on all the new features we're announcing and have implemented. We've gotten a number of good suggestions and ideas the last few weeks and we've made some changes.

Below are some of the new changes we've made to how Trains will work based on player feedback and ideas:
- Every player in game will see all rails in game
- Routes between 2 stations will be rentable for other players to use with their trains. A fixed amount will be charged based on distance. The routes owner will receive the rent profits but cannot set the price manually to prevent abuse.
- Train Depot's will be used to produce tracks, tracks and wagons.
- In an attempt to prevent abuse and trolling with the tracks, all Tracks will need to be placed between 2 train Stations in order to be built. Players cannot build single tracks one at a time like they can with roads.
- At the launch of train update, all players will receive some number of tracks as a gift to help them get started.

We hope you will enjoy these changes and we look forward to hearing more from all of you. Feel free to send us your feedback on what you think about these changes or other ideas and suggestions you may have for the game.

Have a nice day!

8 messages to Details about trains

  1. Slumpdog says:


  2. Rana Muhammad Waqar Younis says:

    Yahoo ! how manage trains as like buses,trucks or different strategy ?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Similar way to buses, but you will need assign wagons to your locomotive :)

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        First we will start with passengers and mail wagons, than coal and other types too.

  3. Investisseur Diabolique says:

    We are looking forward to. a long-awaited update. I hope you can make it happen.
    Sending ideas gives us the moment we develop, but unfortunately I miss the backlink.
    I hope you make it eligible for the new players. and you do not listen too much to players who play for longer. In my eyes, their interest is not so much refresh but get higher in the wealth ladder.

    have nice day !!

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      yes, we plan trains for new players too, our plan is to have construction of first train in tutorial.

      I found your message in game, I will reply soon.

      Have a nice day,

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