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Hello everyone,

We have great news about trains. We will be adding an underground layer that can be used for trains so there will be additional space for rails.

Trains can go underground and back using tunnels. Huge cities with lot of buildings and roads will be hard to navigate with Rails so it will be possible to construct subway stations above the ground that connect with trains underground. We believe subway stations with underground trains will solve the problem of not enough space.


Here is little gift for you! +3 energy drinks for free. Click on link below to get your drinks (**Offer Valid until 2018/04/09**).

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Have a nice day,

+3 free energy drinks

8 messages to Underground + Gift

  1. Fabio Galli says:

    Thank youuuu

  2. Farri_786 says:


    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      if there is something we can do for you, let me know.

      Have a nice day,

  3. Gerard A. Roth says:

    Has there been any definite date set for the implementation of the trains into the game
    OR is the date still undetermined but planned to be implemented.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi, we set the date, but some unexpected issues happened, so we moved it little bit. In last news there is option to sign up to train test version, so if you want, you can have access sooner to trains and see how they will work.

      Have a nice day,

  4. Crazy J says:

    It didn't give me the free drinks said offer expires but says on here it should expire on the 9th in from days from now.

    Best regards

    Crazy j

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi Crazy J,

      I checked it and you already got that gift on 2018-03-22 12:46 CET, so it can not be taken again.

      Have a nice day,

      • Crazy J says:

        Did I.

        Oh I thought it was a new announcement I barely look at my mail

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