Trains + gift

Hello everyone,

thank you for patience, we are working hard to finish the trains. Currently we do not have tunnels ready and we miss some graphics, but we hope it will be soon ready. We apologize for delay, you can find free coins at the end of this news.

Today we bring you new train image and option to sign to list of players who wants to get access to test server with trains. Players can try train before they will be aded to live server.


To sign to the list, please login to game and click here. In next week you will receive message with instructions.

Players in high levels will be able to discuss with us about trains and add suggestions that will be added to game little bit later after train release.

Many thanks in advance for feedback.


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Have a nice day,

+3 free energy drinks

7 messages to Trains + gift

  1. Fabio Galli says:

    Thank youu

  2. Po Lok Chan says:


  3. Yash Trivedi says:

    when yoaveu will add the feature of train in the have already crossed all the deadline.add this also that we can type s much buses we want to like trucks.

  4. Mimifrip Coin Pusher Fripoulle says:

    bonjour c'est pour quand les train

  5. Yash Trivedi says:

    make an option such that in 1 click all the farms and factories will get machined for 10 days

  6. Neil Opolentisima says:

    how to increase gold coins?

  7. Neil Opolentisima says:

    how to increase gold coins?

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