Server problem

We apologize for the problem with the game server, we fixed everything and no data was lost.

Click on link below to get +15 free coins (**Offer valid until 2018/08/31**).

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+15 free coins

8 messages to Server problem

  1. Michael Bolle says:

    coins did'nt added

    • Martin Jackson says:

      try refreshing, Michael
      it worked for me

      also make sure you clicked the link

    • Paul van Balen says:

      Did not get free coins and all the buildings are gone .

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        Hi, sorry this gift expired. You can see expiration date in news text (2018/08/31). We will release gifts in the future.

        What do you mean with `all the buildings are gone`?


        • Paul van Balen says:

          Hi Mark,i mean the free coins from the balloons . but the buildings came back they where not on the platform and there where no balloons but the are back 2 sorry to wasted your time.

  2. Fabio Galli says:

    thank you team

  3. Michael Bolle says:

    ok. ty

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