Small chat improvements

Hello everyone,

today we made small game update with these changes:

1. New chat tabs - we reorganized chat tabs and added Market and Help tab. Market is for offers, building promotions etc. Help can be used for everyone who needs help with game. Global tab remains for main discussions.

New chat tabs

2. Clickable building link in chat - from now it is possible to direct link building in chat. But only in Market tab. Please folow these steps:
a) Get building number - please check this image to know how to get building number:
b) Use # folowed by building number in chat - If your building number is 123, than write to chat #123.

Please remember this only works in Market chat tab.

Clickable building link in chat

3. Report Multi-Account - we added possibility to report multiaccounts.

Report Multi-Account

Have a nice day,

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  1. Beth says:

    very smart Idear and huge help

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