16 improvements!

16 improvements! Today we added to the game a lot of changes. Below is a list of them. In the coming days we will bring detailed information about important points.

1. Failure of the machine no more stops production, it only slows down by 300%
2. We added icon in the list of buildings for buildings without machine. It is easier to identify those buildings. Players with premium package can click on the icon and the machine in building will be replaced.
3. Location Index - we changed the amount of location index that it accurately reflects his influence. So the location index 30 represents a 30% bonus to sell or rent in the building.
4. Location map index - we added new icon to top right corner to show / hide the map of location index.
5. Setting sales prices in the shop - it is no longer necessary to choose the quality of the selling product and after this change players can choose only the product and its quality is included as a bonus to the price.
6. Mails - clickable texts were transformed into buttons
7. New level or use energy drink will increase the energy despite maximum. Before change when player use the energy drink with energy 450/500 he will have 500/500. After this change, the energy is charged to 950/500.
8. We limited the number of buildings under construction to 10. We are trying to reduce the number of cranes in the city. 9. In the construction of buildings is also shown outline of the building, not just red or green background.
10. Chat when entering to game displays the last 10 messages
11. On the main screen of farms, factories, mines and oil wells is shown the number of products produced today instead of today's earnings.
12. We repaired problem with bus coming up from the bus stop another way as arrived.
13. We added statistics to city detail screen
14. There is no penalty for not connected shops to road.
15. The tutorial can be resumed after close.
16. We changed rewards coming from safes.

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