Today we are bring you the information about what we have repaired or improved:
  1. We fixed error in the calculation of income from rent. For more information, please read below. Income depends on the height of unemployment in the city.
  2. We fixed small error in the calculation of income from product sale. Extreme prices do not generate income.
  3. We've added screen Setting prices, where you can easy set the price of rent for all your buildings.
  4. In the details of rent buildings we have added information about average rental price in the city. The information is located next to the rent price setting. This allows you to set better prices.
  5. We added tasks for level 11 and 12.
  6. We modified the window that appears immediately after logging in and added there the latest news. You can now easier get information about what we are doing.


Another important element in the game has become unemployment in the city. This indicator can be found in the detail of the city or in the list of cities. Unemployment affects people's behavior and thus the profits of the rental.

Simple rules:
  1. High unemployment - Homes: lower profits, Office: higher profits
  2. Low unemployment - Homes: optimal profits Offices: optimal profits
  3. Lack of homes and surplus of offices - Homes: higher profits, Office: lower profits

If high unemployment is in the city, then it is effective to build offices and in the case of low unemployment houses.

If people do not have work in the current city, they will move to other cities. If there is enough work in the city, new people will come and the price for rent can be higher.

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  1. igor says:

    Ahoj. Akurat si citam novinky, ktore vysli este pred mojou registraciou, ked som narazil na tuto novinku, tak sa chcem spytat, od ktoreho lvl je mozne investovat do akcii, alebo ci ta moznost uz zanikla (kedze to v hre nevidim, predpokladam ze nebol zaujem, le si to chcem overit). Dakujem

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