9 news

1. We have adapted the system of purchase / sale of buildings:
 a) screens - we simplify the screens. They are now the only two: Sales and History. The screen Sales displays active offers and the History screen displays a list of purchased / sold buildings.
 b) We added a notification for counter offers
 c) We have added a notification when someone refuses the offer
 d) We have adjusted the numbers at the top of the menu bar (small house icon).

Purchase / sale

2. At the bus stop from now you can find box with the number of buses that stop at the busstop. Click on the box will display list of buses.

Number of buses

3. We have fixed a bug for Facebook players, which caused it sometimes seemed that the game is not online.

4. We have fixed problem with accepting new employees.

New employees

5. In factories in box employees you can see directly the influence of changing the number of employees, which is shown below.


6. In the post is now available to select and copy the text.

Copying texts

7. Sometimes it happened that the game stops automatically update the money in the top bar. The problem has been solved.

8. We allow to sell machines.

Sale of machines

9. We have fixed problem with the number of rooms and services in renting buildings for certain cases.

Thanks to players johng, Zweistein and Igor for ideas and reporting errors. They helped us to improve the game again, as they have been rewarded with gold coins.

Nice weekend,

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