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  1. CAOx2 says:

    Hi investor city, i am MEL, 1 of the players who play this game. , MINE/OILWELL buildings uses lots of energy to build, & may i add the search for raw materials, raw materials is usually drained in ordinary mine/oilwell, unlike farms it continuous production. PREMIUM PRODUCTS are always dependent in mining materials.....
    May suggest that premium products must not be cut the marketing of 500% so that many players will buy gold coins for building BIG FACTORIES, that will be good for the game & it also benefits players who keep up to the competition... sorry for my poor english.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi Mel,

      thanks for your message and feedback. This case was not closed yet, we will test it and decide. The problem with 500% marketing is that everything else in building is worthless or have only small effect. We just want to balance it.

      I wrote you idea to our document we have for economy change.

      Thanks and have a nice day,

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