+5 energy / minute

We changed energy increase to +5 / minute.

If you are online, please refresh your browser.

We changed some other things:
- we lower the energy maximum, but not 5x as the energy was increased. The energy maximum 550 for level 46 without premium package remain the same. The advantages of premium packages was not changed
- energy drink will give +1000 energy
- we changed the energy required for high level buildings and products

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5 messages to +5 energy / minute

  1. MG-Enterprise says:

    well this actually sucks. You try to make things better by giving us more energy at x5 a min instead of x1 and then you fuck it all up by making the max 250.... Hell I couldnt even get things done that I needed too with the max at 550 now its at 250. This sucks even worse now. :(

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi Matthew, thanks for you message. We talked internally and we have changed the maximum for lower levels. It is higher now. For you it was changed from 250 to 400.

      Every new level this maximum will be increased +5. In 1.33 hours you have full energy again. Before change to get +400 energy took 400 minutes = 6.66 hours.

      This is first step of energy increase, we will analyze these changes and see it is enough or not.

      • MG-Enterprise says:

        I could probably help you out in making this game even better, Its great so far, with some ups and downs but meh. I wont be stopping this game for a while..

    • Kenneth J Scott says:

      They keep it up they will lose players like me .

  2. Royce Smith says:


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