Another gift for you!

Another gift for you! +3 energy drinks for free. Click on link below to get drinks.

Today we fixed the Facebook gifts sending, problem with canceling offers on product market and some other little problems were fixed too.

To get the gift, please click here:
Web players:
Facebook players:

Have a nice day,
+3 energy drinks

12 messages to Another gift for you!

  1. Investor Lukas says:

    this should help me finish off a few things i was working on, Thanks!

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      you're welcome

      • Investor Lukas says:


        Unfortunatly it didnt get me as far as i hoped it would hahaha... so many things i want to try and upgrade/research and so little energy to do it with xD

  2. Luke Pullen says:

    thanks this helps a lot :D

  3. Emanuel Perez says:

    A sinple advise, Im dealing with names of buildings on website using my pc please make it like popups or hide the names on buildings untill you click them

    • Investor Lukas says:

      +1 I'd like to view my structures somtimes without the nameplates blocking the buildings, maybe have this in Options to remove them.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      no problem, we can add it. If we add it to settings, it will be ok? You will not see the names until you will turn it back.

      Or do you mean solution that when you move mouse on your building the name on map will hide? When you move out, the name will be displayed again?

      • Investor Lukas says:

        I believe he was asking for it to display when you mouse over it or click on a building.

        However i am asking for a On/Off Option. i think what i suggested would be less work for you to do and give the best result for most people.

        • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

          Ok, we will add this option to settings. It will be default set like it is now, but there will be possibility to change it. I created ticket in our ticket system, so we will do it.


  4. Viktor Velevski says:

    halllooo ::))))

    • Official member of Investor City teamJessica says:

      Hi :)

      if you need something, just write me in game, I will help.

      Have a nice day,

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