More updates!

More updates!

We added these fearures to game:
- Cars moving on map
- Follow bus functionality
- In the List of buildings we added icons for selling products in shops
- Show building - we highlight the building after pressing that button on building detail page
- Faster information window while moving cursor over buildings
- Buses are moving imediatelly after city load
- No more standing buses on map
- we fixed problem with history and financial balance for foreign companies
- the filters on pages are now smaller
- players can set in setting to hide building name after mouse over

Follow bus

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7 messages to More updates!

  1. Eniola says:

    This is already very helpful

  2. Investor Lukas says:

    Great Updates! but i think you miss understood the whole thing about the disappearing names we asked for, lol, you got it Backwards...

    We wanted ALL Building Names to Disappear with that Option, not just the one you mouse over... The other person was then suggesting to allow for the name to appear when you mouse over one of the buildings.

    Having all the names still there and only the one you mouse over disappear is kind of silly and pointless In My Opinion ;) :P

  3. Emanuel Perez says:

    Develop a popup name display on our own business so that way is much easy acces to all my buildings in a row, btw nice game I'm still growing :)

    • Investor Lukas says:

      What do you mean popup display? the names are already on Display..

  4. Dean Cooper says:

    how come i can't find my last game i was lv 10 now its at lv 1

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      You have two accounts. I will not write here your login emails, so you have them in your email :)


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