15 changes

We added to the game again some news:

1. every hour we are adding free Extra contracts for trucks

Extra contracts
2. Chat is now displayed as the first tab in the bottom and is much more visible

3. In the building market we sorted all buildings from the cheapest to the most expensive

Building market
4. We fixed a problem with the construction of buildings on the map. In some situations the game showed error message that the land is occupied even when it was not. It's fixed.

5. We accelerated the cities with lot of building names on map. The game was slowed down in this case. It's fixed.
6. We accelerated function Show the bus
7. We've removed buildings from the building market for players who have not logged to the game for 14 days. When these buildings nobody buys in 14 days, no one will buy them later. This removal is carried out automatically, once per day.
8. The income from automatically sold buildings after the expiration of access to Bonus cities was not in financial balance. It is fixed now. The income is in the section Purchase / sale of buildings
9. Sometimes it happened that during placement of the building on the map the picture of building disappeared. It's fixed.
10. From now Bus stop can be built only by the road.
11. We fixed the behavior of building names on map after mouseover and its setting as players wanted.

Building names on map
12. Player with 10 buildings under construction can not build another buildings. This restriction was applied also to the construction of roads. It is fixed. Players can build roads now in this situation.
13. On page List of buildings in the filter named `City` were not all cities in some cases. It's fixed.
14. We've added to the upper right corner the option to change the game language + we changed the position of these icons for lower screen resolution.
15. Show only my buildings (icon in top right corner) - worked only for the currently displayed city area. While moving map to other parts of the city, all buildings was shown. It's fixed.

Have a nice weekend,

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  1. Rohan Aglave says:

    thumbs up to the investor city team.

  2. Investor Lukas says:

    Great work!
    Alot of very nice fixes here!! :D
    The fixes i am really happy to see are #1,2,4,5 7! (yay this should cut down on crazy AWOL Player building Sales) #9 (Yay no more broken borehole images)
    I think the best fix here for all players though is #10! lol

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Cloud says:


  4. Eniola says:

    keep up the good work.

  5. Chad Skidmore says:


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