New changes!

New changes!

1. Exploration borehole - you can now choose what to search (if oil or other products)
Exploration borehole
2. Exploration borehole - you will never find empty borehole. We set minimum for products in boreholes
3. Exploration borehole - we increase the maximum number for chemical minerals
4. Truck contracts - we added possibility to add more trucks with one click (only for premium accounts)
Truck contracts
5. Filter on Building market - the game now remember the filter settings, so when you came again on this page, the filter will be set from last visit
6. Removing buildings - we are removing buildings from non active players in low levels. The process will take some time, but we will remove today around 14000 buildings. You will find free places on maps.
Removing buildings
7. It is now forbidden to sell buildings from special cities
8. We increase game speed for slow computers, add loading image for windows and blue screen for switching cities
9. We fixed many small bugs

Now we focus on adding new bonus tasks and some other urgent things and after that I want to inform you regularly about what we are currently doing.

Have a nice day :)

4 messages to New changes!

  1. Chad Skidmore says:

    forbidden to sell buildings from special cities..... What do you mean?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Some players had sold on market mines from special cities (Accra, Klondike, Ural etc.) Players that bought this buildings does not have access to them.

  2. David King says:

    Hi Mark,

    great work and totally addicted to the game. Just a thought, but could you look into providing more transport options like Taxi's as an example for the future?


    Dave King

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      that is interesting idea, maybe we will add it. I put taxi in our document with ideas.

      But we want to first focus on things with higher priority and maybe we will add trains and airplanes sooner. We will see.



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