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Hello everyone,

today we added another features to game. Hope you will enjoy them :)

1. Small redesign - we have changed the process of product choosing, you can see nice icons there and every form in game should look nicer.
2. Removing buildings owned by the city in Private City`s - From now on you are able to remove Buildings owned by the city to make the city more your own. However you cannot remove other players Building`s or the Warehouse.
Removing buildings
3. Price change for shops in List of buildings - you can now easily change the selling price for all products in shops in List of buildings. It is not necessary to go to shop detail and set the price there.
Price change
4. Private city chat - we fixed the problem with deleted chat messages after changing city or reloading the browser window
Private city chat
5. Chat - we added timestamp to chat messages - the time is your local time
6. Building and company rankings - we added to these rankings possibility to show only products that are you producing / selling.
7. Player ignore button - in each player window you can set to ignore that player. You will not see mail from him, his building offers and messages in chat.
Player ignore button
8. Location index map - we fixed the problem with the broken LI not showing properly on the map, This now worked as Intended.
Location index map
9. Not visible things - this game is growing and that creates more pressure on our servers and optimizing code, so we spent some time with this too. It is our priority to not having lags in game. We fixed tutorial arrows for new players too and fixed some small game bugs.

Have a nice day,

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  1. Yash Trivedi says:

    bonus task should be increased

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Hi, we are working on new bonus tasks, they will be added soon. If you mean something else, just write :)


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