Information about upcoming changes

Hi, as promised, I am informing you about next game changes that will be implemented soon:

1. Important bug fix in bus income - we will fix bug for situation that lot of buses are coming to the same bus stop, they will from next upgrade share the waiting people more significantly. The fix affect mostly players, who has lot of buses coming to one bus stop. So for them the income can drop significantly.

2. Caviar - caviar can be produced on Small farm by mistake. We forgot to remove this product from menu in List of buildings. We will remove it from there. The small farms already producing caviar, will produce it in the future too, but Caviar will not be possible to choose for production for small farms.

3. Diamonds - this product was not fully implemented to game yet. We want that only corporation will have this product. But by mistake, it can be produced in Endless mines. This will be fixed, so the mines will not produce Diamonds anymore.

4. New bonus tasks - we will add new bonus tasks for higher levels soon

5. Offers on product market - it will be possible to put on product market offer that you will buy for example 100 pieces of Furniture for 100 000 $ and other players can accept your offer by giving you requested products.
Offers on product market
6. We will increase warehouse capacity maximum for players without premium package

7. We will remove team members from rankings

8. In the list of buildings from yesterday it is possible to change the price in shops. We will add recommended price to that list.

9. Economy - this is very important, our goal for next weeks is to improve the balance of economy in game. We will inform in news about changes in advance.

Mark and whole Investor City team wish you nice weekend.

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