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today we added these features to game:

1. Important bug fix in bus income - as announced previously, we have fixed a bug for situations where alot of buses are using the same bus stop. Buses now share the station waiting people more significantly, when a bus leaves a station the amount of Passengers waiting will drop by that amount and then slowly refill. This fix affects players who have a large amount of buses coming to and from the same bus stop and their income can drop significantly. Bus income of most players remains the same.

2. Road remove tool for private cities - we have added the possibility to remove roads for private cities. This is a small Player test of the Road Removal system and we will add it to all players in public cities when we feel confident that all bugs and issues are removed. Road removal tool has some limitations. Road that is touching any buildings can not be removed, the "primary" road that truck travel on and any road that is being used by buses cannot be removed too. We will continue to work on this tool.
Road remove tool for private cities

3. Truck contracts - we increased the number of new contracts every hour to +30.
Truck contracts

4. Server upgrade - we upgraded our server, the speed of game was increased.
Server upgrade

Have a nice day,

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  1. Jerome Norman says:

    boo no cartels -hotbox5

  2. The Evil Guy From Heaven says:

    nice one! keep it up !

  3. Eniola says:

    Great additions. The only suggestion I would add is to limit the number of trucks to your player level. That way It stops billionares from just buying more buses and the 30 you added not being enough anymore.

  4. Robert Augesen says:

    Awesome, Keep up the great work!

  5. Angelo Osborn says:

    your doing great

  6. Robert Zaitsev says:

    Thx for the update

  7. Kenneth J Scott says:

    If I could build it would be ok . But the game won't even let me build . For 5 days I have been trying to build . I can't compete

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      you have message from me with explanation.

      Have a nice day,

      • Angelo Osborn says:

        Doing great keep up the great work and have a nice day Mark

  8. The Evil Guy From Heaven says:

    please think how to avoid abuse other player by build the factory near buidling..

    some suggest..we should have rule where building must build near other bulding..

  9. Jerome Norman says:

    what about platinum its a resource

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