49 fixes and a few new features

49 bug fixes and some new features!

As promised, we focused on game fixes and added few new features.

Here is the list of changes:
1. Production overview - You can now view in a new Window how much you produce and consume in Materials and Products. This will be helpful to know if you're making more then you need or not enough.
2. The impact of Headquarters - Your company headquarters will now increase the Location index for nearby buildings. It will however only increase LI for your own Buildings and not anyone else's. The influence will be recalculated during night.
3. Demolition of roads - as we promised, we continued to improve this feature. From now on it is possible to demolish roads near your buildings.
4. Building page now remembers! - If you're on the 2nd page in the Buildings List and click on a building, then edit anything and click the "back" button to the list of buildings, it will return you to the 2nd page.
5. Location index - the Location index is now immediately updated for all newly constructed buildings. Until now, the LI for these buildings were recalculated once per night, after today's Update, the location index is calculated immediately after construction.
6. Buildings under construction - Buildings still under construction will now have a small icon in the Buildings list.
7. Land - in a situation where a player has 10 buildings under construction, he was not able to build new Land. this is now fixed.
8. Building names on map - When building names are turned off in the settings, sometimes there was a problem with moving the map. The building names would appear for a short time and the game would become slowed during this. It's now fixed.
9. Visible Vehicles - Trucks, Cars and buses can now be turned off form the Settings Menu, this can help with people who are having low performance problems.
10. Private city - It is now possible to remove all roads and Buildings in Private City's this Includes the Warehouse which wasn't able to be removed previously
11. Contracts for trucks - It is now possible to sign Truck contracts when in the bonus mining city's
12. Sale of bus stop - after sale or demolition of a bus stop, any bus routes to it will be automatically stopped.
13. Rotate buildings - we fixed a bug where turning the building by the edge of map sometimes froze the game. It is now fixed.
14. Unread messages - we've added the ability to show only unread messages in the inbox.
15. Market items after Reset - if the player reset his account, the items on the market would remain active. It's now fixed.
16. Moving the map - in some cases the map would move when the mouse was not pressed after moving it previously. It's now fixed.
17. Energy drink - if the player did not have any energy drinks and he got one for completing a bonus task, he then could not in some cases use it. It is now fixed.
18. Location index map - We changed the yellow color in the LI map because can seem transparent to people, we've replaced it with a blue color.
19. New message notifications - We fixed a problem with incorrect displayed notifications. Sometimes the wrong number of unread messages appears.
20. Selling products on market - selling products on the market was not included in the financial balance. It's now fixed.
21. Diamonds & Necklace - as we previously announced, the Diamonds and Necklaces are waiting for Corporations, due to people spending Energy on These 2 items without knowing this we have now disabled the ability to get a License for Diamonds and Necklaces. We will add them back once Corporations are online later.
22. Bonus tasks - we have added a confirmation message for changing bonus tasks. Players sometimes used this button accidentally or more than once and the task would skip on them without warning.
23. Safe - money as a reward for opening the safe was not included in financial balance. It's now fixed.
24. Login problem - we fixed a problem with the game freezing when trying to login when the player loses access to a private city of another player.
25. Inviting friends - we fixed the screen design for inviting friends window.
26. Employee - on farms in certain cases the second skill of employee was hidden.
27. City order - We fixed the problem with the order of cities in the buildings list and some other windows.
28. City filter - we fixed the problem with the city filter in Building list window.
29. Building population - players will now be able to see how many people is living in houses
30. Extracted mines - empty mines can no longer be put on the building market.
31. Players without name - players without name (after registration) can no longer write in the chat.
32. Rounding - we rounded numbers on the Production screen.
33. Demolition of roads - we fixed a problem with demolishing roads near the map edge.
34. Price - we fixed a problem with writing prices. If the player enters a price with spaces between numbers eg. 2 500, it was saved as just 2, it's now fixed.
35. Moderators - moderators are now displayed in chat with a purple color.
36. Employees - We fixed the problem with employees when they were assigned to the buildings in a bonus city and the user lost access to that bonus city.
37. Cancelling Marketing campaigns - we've added the possibility to cancel marketing campaigns.
38. Translations - we fixed some texts that were not marked to translate.
39. The bonus tasks - we added a fix for when the user did not receive a reward.
40. Building sale - when a player sold a building from his Private city, sometimes the game froze. It's fixed.
41. History of sold/purchased buildings - we've added pages to the History tab in the Building Market so now it's not 1,000 items long.
42. Chat - if the player scrolls up in chat to see older messages and a new message is displayed, the chat would move down and the player would have to try and scroll up again. It is now fixed.
43. Default chat tab - players can now select in settings which chat tab should open after logging in to the game. It can be set in the Settings -> Display window.
44. Notifications - we fixed problem with notifications when the player put the request to purchase products on the market and no one bought them. Player received notification that his products are back in stock.
45. Bought Text in product market - we fixed the text when the player created an offer to buy products on the product market and someone would buy some. We have changed the text from `sold` to `bought`.
46. Spending energy - in some cases, spending -50 Energy did not work properly, it spent -100 energy.
47. `Max` energy - after buying the premium package the energy button was changed to spend `Max`, but when player press that button it took -100 energy. We fixed it.
48. Production time - when the production time exceeded one day, it was not correctly shown in buildings. It's fixed.
49. Cosmetic changes - we added some icons and some other cosmetic changes.

Production overview

Have a nice day,

7 messages to 49 fixes and a few new features

  1. Maxim Bolduc says:

    Hi Marc,

    I must say a big "WOW" to all the team of Investor City. Huge update with very interesting features and fixes. Keep up the great work!

    Maxim bolduc

  2. Det Walle says:

    thank's team, but how aboute the souvenir & fast food incoms ?

  3. The Evil Guy From Heaven says:

    Awesome ! great improvement ..congrat guys

  4. Murathan Alınak says:

    We are still playing the game with a very narrow point via facebook. You may lose many new starter players because of that. For your information. Have a nice day :))

  5. Murathan Alınak says:

    I mean fullscreen....

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      I know that fullscreen will be great and we want to add solution for this in next weeks.

      Have a nice day,

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