Few new features


today we have added new features to the game:

1. Set prices in all shops - this new button will allow you to set the selling price for all your shops and gas stations to the recommended price with one click. This is a Premium account feature.
Set prices in all shops

2. Production structure - We have added more products to the production structure page. You can now see information about production and sales for products that are produced on farms.
Production structure

3. Trucks above maximum limit - because of a bug, some players bought more trucks than is allowed (10,000). This bug was fixed immediately after reporting and we will remove trucks above limit and refund them soon.

The next update will be coming soon and will include:

1. Road connection requirement - each building in the game will require a road connection. This will help avoid weird looking cities. It will not affect existing buildings, only for newly built ones.

2. French language - we have French translations almost ready, This was done by Maxim Bolduc who offered to translate the game for us in his native language, so thank you Maxim! We will be adding the French language soon.

3. Exploration borehole limit - some players are still abusing the current limit of boreholes in various ways including the use of multi accounts. Multi accounts are allowed to a limited degree (family members) but otherwise not allowed. We will begin banning these accounts soon after this fix comes into the game and giving out warning points to the main accounts. We are also lowering borehole limit to 30, We are not happy with how people
are using boreholes to claim city`s and unreasonable amounts of `land claim`. We are announcing this a week before implementation.

We are continuing to work on fixing bugs, building auctions (for buildings of larger inactive players) and new bonus tasks.

Have a nice day,

15 messages to Few new features

  1. Crazy J says:

    the set all prices doesnt work it set all mine to the base amount doesnt take into consideration land index skill marketing or brand

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      hmm, it is working for all my shops. Can you give me building number where it is wrong? I will check it. Maybe there is something special.


    • Crazy J says:

      looking at it more closely i think the numbers get confused 2916.41 for cavair comes up as 1316.41 using this tool

  2. Telly Rose says:

    Thank you for the borehole fixes. I have been waiting on that one

  3. Felipe Álvarez Blanco says:

    Hi Mark! If you want to translate the game to spanish, i can help you. Have a nice day!

  4. Crazy J says:

    Mine works now Thanks mark I've been waiting for that button for a long time

  5. Uanderson Ribeiro Lage says:


  6. Crown Investment says:

    Yes! They listen :D...Now can we make bus and trucks not in the same count? limiting truck counts and bus counts is cool but it should not be counted as one cause bus and trucks are 2 very different business structure. Just a thought and thanks for great updates sir :)

  7. The Evil Guy From Heaven says:

    great job!

  8. Zeock says:

    I can help translate game to russian, if you want.

  9. Mac Bee says:

    Thanks for the great job keep it up :)

  10. Eniola says:

    THANK GOD. I've been waiting for this update since I started. Awsome work.

  11. Bjorn Hoefnagels says:

    Not happy whits the update en future updates, i don't know if you go limit the boreholes to 30 that i go play further whits this game. Borehole's are available in game when you low level but when can you drill them? When you have oil or minerals but that's much farther in game. I want to go drill them but i think for my one skills and planning it will take a weal for i go do that. But i have places in every city where i'm active some boreholes. 3 or 4 city's 15 boreshole's or more in 1 city is more than 30 on die end. So not funny for my. Second problem that i think is i play the game 2 months, whits dies limits is it not fun any more to play the game i think. You have insert truck when i played all ready the game and there is no buddy that say there will be come a limit on trucks when that was available, and i think it is stoepido to do that! There are many ways to play the game. Some persons will go on rental other go in to farming, some go in to buses. En there are players that have trucks. I don't do on farming, i'm more for rentals and buses. I my ayes you are now killing this game!

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      maybe we can limit them for city. We will think about that. Our goal is to allow new players to play game. When they register to city full with boreholes, they can not go through tutorial and that is not good.


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