Building auctions

Hello everyone!

We have now added some new features for you guys to play with, which you will find below:

1. Building auction - starting today, it is now possible to buy buildings from the Auction tab. We will continue to improve the auction function from our observations and your valuable feedback! In this first version, it will list buildings from inactive low level players.
Building auction

2. New bonus tasks for high levels - we have added 7 new bonus tasks for levels 40+. We will continue to add more bonus tasks later.
New bonus tasks

3. Russian language - we have now officially launched support for the Russian language. Thanks again Zeock!
Russian language

4. Road requirements - until now, having a road connection was only required for production buildings. From now on, connection to a road is necessary for ALL new buildings. Old buildings will not be penalized.
Road requirements

5. Vehicles limit - The Vehicle limit applied together on buses and trucks. This has been changed so that it's now possible to have 10,000 buses and 10,000 trucks.
Vehicles limit

6. Building list - In the buildings list, we have now added information to the Rental buildings about popularity and price.
Building list

7. Selling buildings - As some of you noticed we have started cracking down on Multi-Accounts, these are against our rules and we will continue to ban them. We have now added a script to monitor building sales/trades and players who are found selling their buildings at a significantly lower price will get a warning and if they continue, they will recieve an auromated ban for these actions. This system will be monitored and maintained by our Support Staff.
8. Some fixes - default language was change to English, so all not translated texts will be in English. We fixed problem with inaccurate display of energy and 9 minor bug fixes.

Have a nice day,

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