Actual information + 3 free energy drinks

1. New programmer - We have some great news for the development of Investor City, we've just added a new developer to our team! This will allow us to better handle development and bug fixing without causing large disruptions to either of these two important areas any more.

2. Next game update:

a) Fuel requirements for trucks and buses - Starting from the next update, buses and trucks will now require fuel. They can still operate without fuel, but you wont get the bonuses without it. We will be increasing the amount of oil in the mines also to help supply the new Oil demands this will cause.

b) Mining maps specialization - We've decided to try and put more purpose to each mining maps locations. So now each mining map unlocked will have special bonuses to them for each resource. For example, Klondike will be rich in gold, alot more gold can be found in the mines in that city.

c) Spanish language - we will launch the Spanish language support. Thanks Sona and Felipe Álvarez Blanco!

3. Upgrade plan - We created new page in our Wikipedia with information about upcoming game updates:

4. Auction fix - after winning a building auction, the new building was not fully operational in some cases right after auction end. This was fixed.

5. Lag and server slowdowns - Yes, we're quite aware of the occasional lag spikes and server issues, in the coming weeks we'll be adding more optimizations to try and reduce this or even eliminate it entirely.

And another gift for you! +3 energy drinks for free.

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+3 free energy drinks

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  1. Chika Onoduagu Osic says:

    hello! how to collect free energy drink?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      just click on that link above image with gifts.

      Have a nice day,

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