Next game update + Marketing change

Hi everyone!

just a quick Message here to inform you all about the next game update we have coming on February 22nd 18:30 CET.

We have combined two updates worth of stuff in this one with lots of new features and fixes! You can find more information here at our new "Coming Soon" page of the Wiki which we are updating regularly:

There is one important change in the Marketing mechanic. Currently, After activating a marketing campaign, the recommended sales price for products in shops is increased and you'll be able to sell products for a higher price.

After Update #18, the influence of the marketing will not be in the recommended sale prices anymore, it will be considered bonus income. So you'll still have the same income, it's just that you wont need to change prices after a marketing campaign is activated or deactivated.

The benefit of this change is that after a marketing campaign ends, your shop's won't stop selling products as it does now.
However, this change does have one negative issue. When you currently activate a marketing campaign you get a bigger sales price in the shop, After this update, You'll need to lower your selling prices or your shops will stop selling because the Marketing bonus is not in this recommended Calculation.

Have a nice day,

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