Game update

Hello everyone!

today we have added new features to the game:

1. Ability for players to submit buildings to the auctions listing. Players can add any building to auction with exact auction end date and time. The auction can not be canceled. So if someone bid on your building, it will be sold. To allow players to find buildings, we set the minimal time on auction to 2 days. Also we fixed the problem with not enough money bug in auction.
Player buildings on auction

2. A tool to set production, employees, machines for all buildings in one window. Here you can set the produced product, number of employees, security and machines with one click. Just select the buildings where you want to change something and apply changes. This feature belongs to Premium package.

3. Lots of smaller improvements and fixes.

Have a nice day,

3 messages to Game update

  1. The Evil Guy From Heaven says:

    good job! now i will going to Premium!

  2. ceo says:

    what will happen if not sales on auction list can ı resale it on the list

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Do you mean if your building will be not sold in auction, if you can add it again?

      If yes, the answer is simply yes, you can.

      Have a nice day,

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