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Hello Everyone,

small Patch news today, but with 2 BIG changes that we hope many of you will enjoy! The first of which is adding upgrade Levels to buildings and secondly we fixed the Skills in a way that we no longer need a skill level Max! Read below to learn more.

1. Building levels for Rental/Production - from now on, you no longer need to construct numerous new buildings to increase production capability's. Players can now upgrade the old ones, so instead of building 10 new farms you can just increase the level of one of your farms to level 10. This farm with level 10 will produce the same amount of products as 10 level 1 farms would. This makes It now easy to manage lots of farms and hopefully helps reduce on the spamming or `blobs` of same type of building covering 2/3 a city map.

The level up cost in energy is the same as constructing a new farm, but the money cost will increase as such: base price*level

Small Farm construction costs:
Level 1 - 25 000
Level 2 - 50 000
Level 3 - 75 000

For each level, you will get special bonus of +5% to production times and/or Rent for each of these buildings. That means, when you increase the farm to level 20, you will produce amount of products like you constructed 21 farms.
Building level

2. Mining maps access expiration - When mining map access expired, all buildings were automatically destroyed and money was refunded. From now on, the buildings will just be deactivated and when you gaining access to the map again the buildings will still be there and able to start mining again.

3. Skill levels - no limit. We announced a couple months ago that we will be limiting the skills to a maximum of 80 due to how things were coded as well as having issues with how the effect of skills died off the higher you went past level 80. Well, we're happy to announce that we were able to change how this mechanic operated and now we can once again say that Skills have no max limit again!
Skill levels

4. Building offers - we've added the possibility to collapse tables on this screen, you can now hide all buildings on the auction. There are 3 tables and all can be hidden by clicking on the sections name.
Building offers

5. Various Small fixes, some of which were - inviting friends with Facebook, missing energy when leveling up, Improvements with Auctions system etc.

Have a nice day,

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  1. Pochi says:

    Available at lvl 20.. in the end low levels like me still need to build more farms

  2. George Chang says:

    Tl;dr For rentals it's still cheaper to build out horizontally than leveling vertically. For farms, leveling small farm vertically is better unless you need advanced items. There needs to be a cap on how much money it cost for leveling or cap on energy for upgrading to make leveling rentals worth it.

    It gets prohibitively expensive the more you level since the price is base price + previous level. A level 7 medium office cost 112 million total and a level 20 medium office cost 840 million total. If you increase the quantity by one level you get 40 more rooms, the equivalent of another office, increase it by another level you get 40 more rooms but the energy cost is 450 which is 50 more energy than building another office and the next one takes 800. The same thing with service increase, 5% bonus sale for 300, 3% more for 500, 2% more for 800 energy which would take a long time to make up for simply building four new offices.

    At my current at 200k income/office level a level 20 medium office with level 1 quantity and level 3 service makes 4.2 mil+210k+441k/day =4.851 mil a day and 840mil debt which takes 173 days to pay off. Or I build 20 medium office for 80 million then for energy equivalence (yes a level 1 quantity upgrade is cheaper energy) instead of quantity and service I build 1 office and 4 office for 25 office for 80 million (let's throw the extra 5 office cost in and make it 100 million) = 5 million per day which take 20 days to pay off and you have 153 days of profit before leveling breaks even. At this rate leveling will never overtake building new offices.

    A Level 40 with level 1 quantity and level 3 service makes 8.4 million + 420k + 882k= 9.702 million a day and 3280 million in debt with break even after 338 days. Or 40 offices for 160 million debt + 5 offices (throw the 5 office cost in to be 180 million debt) = 9 million income per day which pays off in 20 days and 308 days of profit. It will take a very very long time for leveling to catch up. What if you increase the quantity and service here with energy equaling 3-4 more office?. 8.4 million + 630k + 903k=9.933 million for 330 days to break even mean while 9.8 million income for 22 days to break even.
    It's still cheaper to build more. [Note you can double the production for 100 energy but you need to tediously spend 300 energy a day for 150ish days, why not just build more offices]

    Though having a higher rental skill can help decrease the breakeven days. So unless you have dumped energy into very high rental skills it's best to stick to leveling 2-3 times. I don't have the materials to get beyond level 3 services and do not know how much the next level increase would cost in energy. The way I see it from this is that there needs to be a cap on how much money it cost for leveling or cap on energy for upgrading.

    [The following is for caviar farms]
    As for farms it is better to build small farms than big farms if they are producing the same item. The energy upgrade cost 2 big to 9.3 small or 6 big for 28 small, while the big has about 3x faster production so for each small production cycle it is 18 big to 28 small. Note you can double the production for 100 energy, 36 vs 56.

    And very importantly, it's better to level 28 times for very expensive monetary cost than build 28 different farms because you only need to buy machinery once instead of twenty eight times. However I don't recommend leveling more than 28 times per farm as the monetary cost does get very high.

  3. Crazy J says:

    thanks for the collapseable menu for auction buildings that thing was annoying and love the unlimited lvls again

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