Emoticons + fixes

Hello everyone,

hope you`re all having a great week as we`re finally starting to feel the heat. We`ve added some new features and fixes today so take a look:

1. Chat emoticons - this will bring emotions to the chat, so feel free to use our new emoticons to express yourself.
Chat emoticons
2. Auction fixes - we`ve fixed the problem that some buildings ended up being locked and not sold after the time expired. We`ve also added the text "No offer" for offers without bids instead of the buildings owners name.
Auction fixes
3. Building level - some players were confused about the production times of leveled up buildings, so we`ve now added an explanation text and example for it.
Building level
4. Bonus tasks - we fixed the problem with skipping tasks, in rare cases some tasks were skipped.
Bonus tasks

Now go out and Enjoy the Sun and heat at least once this weekend!

Have a nice day,

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