Update 1.20 is coming soon!

Hello everyone!

I hope you`re all enjoying the summer heat and staying safe. We`ve got Update 1.20 coming soon and it`s a big one! This update will include our previously mentioned "World Map" and various city related additions, these changes are necessary for our trains update that we plan to implement after, so lets get to it and see whats new with Update 1.20!

1. Big Map - Our biggest and most obvious change is that all public cities will now be placed on one big map. You can move the map around with the mouse to travel around from one city to another.

2. Minimap - What good is a HUGE World map if you cant even navigate it properly? With that in mind, we will be adding a small minimap in the top right corner, so it should be easy to see where you`re going on the map.

3. Building on the World Map - Players will be able to construct buildings in cities as usual, however they will be not allowed to construct buildings everywhere on the new map. Every building needs to belong to a city since every calculation in the game depends on city population, unemployment etc. Therefore you cannot build outside the city limits, but if you want to construct buildings between cities, you can found a new small city and start constructing your buildings there.

4. Founding a new city - Players will have the ability to found a new city where available, we will have two types of cities, public and private. A Public city will cost game money and resources where every player can construct buildings in this type of city. The private city will be only for the owner and players he invites to this city. Private cities will cost coins.

5. Roads and bus lines between cities - Between cities is where players will be allowed to construct roads and run buses. This area will be used in the future by trains.

6. City levels and tasks - Newly founded cities will start at level 1. This small city uses gravel roads and not all building types are allowed to build here. Cities need to grow and will unlock new building types, better roads, buses, trains and in the future ships and airports. To get the city to a higher level, players need to help the citizens living there. Every city level has 3 tasks and every player in game can work on them. For example, a small city might need new houses for people to move into, then shops for them to get what they need. One of the first tasks can be to construct 10 small family houses, another task can be to make a cash donation for a school or hospital.
City levels and tasks

7. Contribution bonus - Every player that contributes on the city tasks will receive bonuses. The citizens will know who helped them, so they will buy more products from your company or use your buses for transportation more often.

8. City growth - With each city level, and as people build and occupy more space the City borders will expand. It is easy to do, when the city area is almost full and it`s high enough level, this area will grow and the city border will move.
City border

9. City product demand - This is an important update for the economy, every city will have different demands on products. In cities with hot weather, citizens will buy more products like ice cream, diving equipment etc. Every city will have its own product preferences and this can be seen in the city profile. From this, the cities preferences and city population will be calculated for how much products citizens in each city will buy, for example, New York may want to buy 100M caviar. When a cities demand is not met, demand for the product will rise, we reflect this by giving a bonus to shops selling that product based on how much unmet demand there remains. This makes it so players have to find cities where some products are not sold or are still in high demand and they can sell more products for the same price. As you can see on this screenshot, there is a box with the city demand in a new city profile, if there is 88% demand for eggs then that means that the shop will get a 88% bonus and sell more eggs in this city. As there`s more shops selling eggs in that city, the demand will lower and this bonus will too until it hits 0% and then you will find you are selling fewer products at the prices you were before.
City product demand

We try our best to listen and consider everyone`s ideas, concerns and feedback. If you have any comments or ideas for upcoming changes, feel free to write them in the comments section below or send them to Jessica in-game.

We`d like to thank everyone for your continued support and in allowing us to continue making and improving this awesome game! We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to what we have coming next!

Have a nice day,

55 messages to Update 1.20 is coming soon!

  1. Chad Dunham says:

    so do i lose my current private city???

    • Fishyman says:

      yes you still keep them, new cities will be included on big map,
      devs will look into how many old private cities they are and look into merging
      or keeping as they are

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      We will never take what player has bought.

  2. Felix Gonzalez says:

    when can we have full screen city view ?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      For fullscreen view you can use:

      1. Special link - After you login to game, you can use this list: http://www.investor-city.com/index.php?page=city But in this mode the Facebook gifts, invites and payments are not working. You have to go back to Facebook to use them.

      2. Facebook games arcade - install this special Facebook application: http://www.investor-city.com/public/img/support/facebook_games_arcade.png


  3. Grey says:

    And future private citys, are they too going to be 'grown' in levels and possibillities?

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      • Grey says:

        Well, I'm lucky, I got a extra private city before this. It seems quite a set-back.

        • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

          Hmm, I think we will discuss about this in team, we do not want to make it harder or something like that. We will see.

  4. Grey says:

    4. Adding a new city.
    Do you mean a new city, or a new city-area ( e.g. Narvik, or New York-72 )

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      New city part. New York 72 for example. But you will be able to name it.

      • Grey says:

        Isent that going to make a mess out of the citys?

        I mean, we are, as I understand you, going to see a part of New York beeing named 'Moskow' or perhaps 'Norway'!

        • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

          Hmm, we wanted to allow players to name cities, but I see it has some complications as I see. I will talk about that in team.

          • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

            Ok, we talked in team and for public cities there will be available only names from list. We will add there many cities.

            The reason is that some players will name cities like aaa1, aaa2, aaa3 etc. and we do not want to have that names in game.

            Thanks for your message.


  5. Grey says:

    roads and buslines between cities. Do that include : between private and public citys

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Yes. That will be possible, but bus stops in private city can construct only owner or his friends.


  6. Mradul Bhandari says:

    Plz. add the feature regarding purchase and sale of shares of a company.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      We have that in tasks. First we will add trains and corporations, after that we can focus on features like that.

  7. Conrad Baker says:

    It are great updates. I hope you will also check your calculations and make them much accurate, e.g. opening screen. I send you few emails about that.

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      thanks for you messages and patience. Yes, we have that in plan, we are working on game everyday, so this will be fixed too. I do not know when, we are focusing now on big map update, but we will fix that.

      Have a nice day,

  8. Chad Dunham says:

    so does the new city structure eliminate the current use of busstops or does it incorporate them all into mass line/

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      We will not change current buses, they will go through same bus stops and earn same money.

      Currently it is possible to select only bus stops from current city.

      After update when you select first bus stop for your bus, you will be able to choose as next bus stop only bus stops that are near the first one. It will be able to select bus stop that is 100 tiles away. So you can select near bus stops and this way it is possible to create very long routes.

      Have a nice day,

  9. CAOx2 says:

    the BIG MAP coming, im sure its hard to find all the BALLOONS out there...

    • Grey says:

      Ahhh.. - THAT's why they make big-map : From now, only ONE balloon, and only for the first finder :(

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        No, do not worry :) The balloon will stay in the current city and do not fly away.


        • Grey says:

          city area, or city ??

          • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

            City area and city is the same thing. There will be not one New York city that will be big as 50 cities, it will be separated 50 cities. So when balloon will appear in New York 17, it will be only in that city. Hope I explained it ok :)

  10. Grey says:

    I just told a new player how to find new city-areas ( with plenty of room for building production buildings) Easy : go for the highest number of each city.
    In the commine 'wonderland', how are people to finf new 'cityes'? Are we all going to look and look and look, if we want a mid-age-city, or a new one ??

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      New players will start in separated city now. So no more cities filled only with small cities. After few levels we will teach them that we have in game big map with minimap.

      For new players we want to add button on minimap that will found city with free space for them.

      But every city will grow too, if it will be possible. So cities like we have now can be bigger in new system, but they can not grow if the city is near to another city.


      • Grey says:

        And 'old' players : How do we find new cities? Or mid-age cities?
        The 'wonder' of big-map are so full questions, I'm no fan of it so far!

        • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

          hmm, you know we are implementing good ideas, so I think we can add that button to find free cities to `old` players too. Or maybe player will be able to set some rules for cities he want to find.

          There will be city level to list of cities and maybe we can add some filter there to select only cities with some level etc.

          But the system, that free cities are the ones with highest number for each city, will be the same. But these cities will have low level, so not all buildings will be possible to construct there.

          • Grey says:

            Without knowing much about your big-city, I gues it would be a fairly good idea to give some help finding this and that.

            How free cities still will be the ones with highest numbers, and at the same time every ney citi is a city named by the creator and a city in it self (not part of a city like it is now), that certanly remains to be seen.

            It sounds more and more messed-up to me.

            Hope I'm much wrong!

            • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

              Every public city created by player will have name from list we create. So there is not possible to name a public city. Only private. Private cities owned by other players will be not listed in list of cities.

              If you will create new city, you choose to name it Montreal, so the system allows you to name it Montreal 10, because part 9 is currently the last.

              But as I said. The city Montreal 1 will grow too. So it will have more free places for building construction. Every city will grow for example 10 tiles in each direction and if players construct enough buildings in this new area, the city will grow again. So we hope there will be no problem with finding free places.

              We are little bit worried that some cities will be really huge, so maybe we limit the growth with city levels, but we will see how this system is performing.

              Your problem is to find city with free space for your buildings?

              • Grey says:

                yes, cities suitable for lots of production.

                But also a little older cities, maby for estabeling new bus-routes, or shops

                What more : I hope I can tell, when we are dumped into mega-map-land, else you have to wait (a short time) until we run into all the troubles ;)

                • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

                  Yes, I know players will have lots of questions, ideas etc. and we will be in chat and try to help as much as possible. And I think players will have some good ideas, that we will implement too.

                  For bus routes it will be good to check minimap, so you can create routes between cities. I think we can add some more statistics for cities, something like number of citizens divided by buses, so you can find cities where not much buses are operating.

  11. Grey says:

    The organizing of this discusion-area dont help much.

    How do I start a new topic? Seems like attemts on making a new topic, results in beeing subordinated (?) to the last topic ??

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Just do not click to reply and right after refreshing this page write to the box for message.

  12. Grey says:

    Lets say, I have created a bus-route, going from city 'a', to city 'b'.

    Now, I guess, there has to be a raod, the buses can follow. How do the road pass the gab (open space?) between city a and b ???

    And later, city a (or b) grows with a number of tiles. who reconnects the now broken roads??

    Given the route includes a max-distance from last busstop in a, to first busstop in b - what happens, when the distance now exidess the max-allowed distance??

    what city do a bus-route 'belong' to?

    Grey. (also trying to make this topic a 'new topic' :)

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      We have some display problem with messages. I see that some of them are new topics and should be displayed differently. I will look on that little bit later.

      Road can be build outside city borders. This is allowed, so player need to construct road between cities he wants to connect with bus.

      If you have two bus stops that are too far away, you will not see them in bus route settings window. You select first bus stop and see only bus stops that are in allowed distance.

      Buses are special, we do not care to which city they belong, because the income calculation uses only bus stops data to calculate bus income. And bus stops are connected to city, so they depend on city population etc.

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        Ok, the messages display problem is fixed :)

      • Grey says:

        Maby you dont care, but I do! You see, when I want to upgrade bussis, I need to find those belonging to the route I'll upgrade, I guess that's why I allready can use city as parameter to find buses?

        Mark, read again! I asked, not to new route-building, but to existing routes, beeing too far between existing route-busstops!! ??? ( because new tiles pops up when the city grows)

        • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

          No problem with that. In buildings list we will change the City column and you will have there this information: New York 13 <-> Washington 16. The starting and ending city. If the start and end city will be the same and the bus will go through another city, it will be there.

          I am not sure if we will able to add this combined cities to filter, but these buses will be shown for both cities.

          Will this be ok for you?


          • Grey says:

            No, well yes, it's ok to do as you say, but maby not good enough!

            At least you have to check the route for ALL buses, because both start and end busstop can easely be the same city, but the route pass trough one ore more other cities.
            And buses on the same route, but with different start and end stops could be as different as :
            start passing end
            citya cityb
            cityb citya
            citya cityb citya
            cityb citya cityb

            This for a route ONLY between teo cities! Add one or two cities, and the possibyl 'description' wil be almost useless. I guarantee you, not all players understand, how I got these different possibilityes! (Feel free, if you are amongst those, to ask me ;) )

            you 'forgot' half my question!

            What can I do, to make you understand my question? It seems so obvious to me!
            I'll try again

            I build a busroute.
            two busstops following eachother, has to be max distance from eachother. (one happens to be in city a, the other in city b)

            All is ok, and the busroutes buses make money for me.

            THEN (later)

            Someone make the city grow ( by x tiles )

            NOW, the distance between my two busstops has become illegal. The distance between them are now grown to max distance + x tiles.

            WHAT HAPPENS???

            ( Can I put more buses on the route?
            Will the route stop to work?
            Will it just continue with no problems? )

            Tell me if it's still unclear to you!


            • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

              Yes, we will create some display rules and add as much information as possible. There is not much space, so maybe for situation citya cityb citya, we will just display that two cities (for routes with 5 cities we will display the first and last that is different than first) cityb citya and on mouseover we will display everything.

              The distance is not calculated from city size. We are calculating it as exact number of tiles that the bus stops are from each other. So if city grows it has no influence on bus stop distance. Everything will work.

              • Grey says:

                It certanly will be problematic for big bus users, to find all buses on a route!
                I think you would be better off, limiting bus-routes to stay in one and the same city by all stops!

                Your math seems newer to stop surprising me!

                How do you make distance from dead-center city, to its outherlimmit stay unchanged, while the citi grows and grows and .....

                • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

                  I think we will add to city filter all cities, so I think it will solve all problems.

                  The positions of buildings will not change. City is growing in way that the city border will move and you can construct building in wider area.

                  Once building is constructed, it will be always on the same position.

                  • Grey says:

                    What you say is, that a growing city, get existing 'free land' from between cities. And the 'free land' grows smaller each time one of its nighbour-cities grow?

                    That allready puts a limmit to city growth. You did elsewhere tell, that you concidered putting a limmit to city-growth : That seems unnecessary, when the city cant grow more than the existing space between it and its nighbours allow.

                    But maby I misunderstood you?

  13. Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

    Yes, 'free land' area will be taken by city.

    I mean limit for extreme situation. For example when top players agree that they will construct buildings only in one city, this city can be really big even bigger than minimap. I do not think this is good.

    • Grey says:

      But it will still be limited by the free space at hand! ?

      Well, I did understand, that the free space was there fot future use (and railroad, and harbor, and and .... )

      I rest my case, and take my medicine against nervous brakedown in advance of the update. To me, it still looks more like a 'downdate', than a update ;)


      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        It will be like in real world. Two cities are on map, you can connect them by road and build bus routes.

        The cities like in real world are growing and can join. New York city was not that big as it is now and there were separated towns before.

        We will place cities not that close and the cities can not grow that quickly, so there will be free place between cities. Lot of areas will be empty completely. I do not see problem here.

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        And one more thing. The founding new public city will not be for free. It will costs some products etc. We will not allow every player to found new city, because we will have lot of new cities :)

      • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

        Yes, but some cities may not have cities in near distance.

  14. Cb Ataturk says:

    Last 4 hours.. ı wait update cmoon :)

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Ahh, we are sorry, we just release news on Facebook that we will move the release date to August 18th 2:00 PM CET. We needed to add some new features and it took us more time as we expected. That update date is final.

      Thank you for patience.


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