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1. World map + minimap

In last update we put all cities in the game on one world map with a minimap feature. We want to add a new feature for the minimap, where all players will be able to save their favorite positions on map and open them quickly from minimap window (bookmarks).

As always, if you feel that something is missing with the minimap or with the game in general, feel free to write us, we`re always looking for great ideas from the players to make the game better.

World map + minimap

2. City tasks

In the last update we added "city tasks" to every city in the game where working on city tasks will get you bonuses. You can help the people in a city with finishing it`s tasks, After you do that, the city`s citizens will remember that you helped them and prefer your company over others. This will get you bonuses as you can see on the second screenshot. You can select where the bonus will be applied, to shop profit, bus or rent income.

City task 1
- Show level bonuses - this will show the contribution of players in previous tasks and your personal bonus from citizens. More information can be found below.
- All bonuses - you can view here city tasks for all 16 levels (more levels to come).

City task 2
On left side you can see:
- Location index bonus - some levels will increase the location index bonus and this bonus is applied to all buildings in that city, for every player.
- Player contribution - you can see here the list of all players that contributes on city tasks. Personal bonus is given only to players who helped the city level up.

On right side:
- Personal bonus - this is calculated final bonus from all your help to city. You can choose where you want to use this bonus: sales, rent or bus income.
- Personal contribution - you can see your personal contribution on tasks for each city level.

3. Unemployment rate, city population and jobs

City population and number of jobs were changed some days ago, some of you have noticed this so this was the reason that the unemployment in cites changed. We fixed a problem with jobs calculations where jobs from medium offices were not included in number of city jobs. It`s come to our attention that some players may be negatively affected by these changes. If you own a Private city and was negatively affected in a large way please contact Jessica threw the games Support function and we`ll see what we can do to help.

Unemployment rate is calculated as ratio of population to jobs. But people in retirement and too young can not work, therefore in the calculation the population is adjusted to 65%. So if a city has a population of 100 000, only 65 000 can work. If this city has, for example 50 000 jobs, the unemployment rate will be 30% (100 000 * 0.65 = 65 000 / 50 000 = 1.3 => 30%). We have now added this information to our mouse-over tooltip in the city profile, so you will see exactly how the numbers for unemployment rate is calculated for your city.

When unemployment rate calculation resulted in 0% unemployment, we added a random number 1, 2 or 3% to it. This was removed because it was too complicated, we hope that now the calculation is easier to understand.

4. Private city

We`ve returned the possibility to found new private city`s. Other players do not have access to your private City like before. You can give access to your private city to your friends and cooperate with them. In a private city it is possible to remove roads so you can design them how you want. Private cities are currently located outside the world map.

5. City demand

We are finalizing this new feature and it will be added to game soon. As we mentioned before, every city will have demand bonuses for products the citizens want to buy. We will bring more information when this feature will be released.

6. Auction problem fix

Sometimes when a player won in the auctions the game took their money twice, as a number of you know or experienced. We believe we finally fixed this issue and so far have not received any tickets about double charges since the fix was implemented. If you do receive a double charge from the auction, please send a Ticket to Jessica and include the Building ID#.

In our next news article, we will bring you more information about what we plan to do next.

Have a nice day,

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  1. Rana Muhammad Waqar Younis says:

    what about trains ????

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:

      Trains are ready for 70%, we are working on them. I will release more information about plans in next news.

      Have a nice day,

  2. Rana Muhammad Waqar Younis says:


  3. Franklin Elias Rojas says:

    How can I remove or remove some roads from my city

    • Official member of Investor City teamMark says:


      removing roads is in our plan. It will be first implemented to private cities, because we need to solve multiplayer issues. For example you will be building road for your bus and another player will destroy it immediately after you construct it. We do not want this in game. After we solve this issues, it will be added to game.

      Until then you can ask mods to remove roads. Or send me here the city name and which roads do you want to rmove, I can do that too.


      • Franklin Elias Rojas says:

        investor city

        tutorial city

        pop. 409677

        es para retirar todas las carreteras de mi ciudad

  4. Franklin Elias Rojas says:

    como puedo eliminar mis carreteras de mi ciudad publica

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