What we`re focusing on next + new features

Hello everyone,

Now that our latest big Update "World Map" is out and we've taken care of the biggest issues, we'd like to now take some time and focus on further improving the existing features and fixing the remaining bugs before moving onto the Trains and Economy updates.

We've gotten started on this already and today we've added these features and fixes to the game:

1. Minimap Favorites - This new feature allows players to save any position on the map. You can name the current map position, add it to your quick list and then easily navigate between favorite positions.

2. Number of jobs in buildings - For every building we are now showing the exact number of employees that are working in the building which will be shown in the purple box.
Number of jobs in buildings

3. New currency - A few days ago we added a new currency symbol "£" to the game, this is purely cosmetic and can be changed in the Options menu.
New currency

4. People waiting at the Bus stop - We fixed a problem with people not showing on bus stops. It should now show for all bus stops in the game where before this fix, the number was displayed only for the current city you were in.
People waiting at the Bus stop

5. "My first city" renamed - We renamed "My first City" to "Tutorial City". This should help on some of the confusion new players are having with the city's purpose. "Tutorial City" is a small city and mainly used by new players to finish the game's tutorial.
Tutorial city

6. Minimum resources - We've added a minimum for resources found in mining cities. We've found that sometimes the random amount of resources was too low.

7. City level - we changed the color of city level
City level

We will continue working on improving our existing features and perform bug fixes as we go forward.
One of the main things we currently want to focus on now is the server speed (lag). Sometimes the server slows down or seems to stop responding, this is because it is recalculating a lot of game statistics in a short time and being over stressed. we will be putting some focus onto this problem and have it fixed hopefully soon.

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Have a nice day,

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